In the past decade MSKPU
gained a leading position
among fashion schools in Poland

What type of school is MSKPU?

MSKPU is a 2.5-year post secondary school of clothing design providing possibility of higher education abroad.

When was the school established?

MSKPU has been operating since 2004 on the basis of an entry in the register kept by the Ministry of Culture.

Who can study at MSKPU?

We accept documents of secondary school graduates. There are no age limits.

What does the recruitment process look like at MSKPU?

At MSKPU we do not organize entrance exams, interviews nor assessment of the presented documents. Candidates are admitted on the basis of presentation of the required documents – check the Recruitment section.

What modes of study do you offer?

You can join MSKPU as a full-time (Monday to Friday) or extramural (Friday evening to Sunday) student.

MSKPU is located in Warsaw,
the centre of Polish fashion and show business

Headquarters of fashion magazines, fashion designers, clothing companies and art institutions are all here. The most prestigious industry events take place in Warsaw. The capital bustles with cultural and social life. Warsaw means influential people and financial resources for conducting activities in the fashion environment.

MSKPU is the most recognizable educational brand in the Polish industry environment. MSKPU is an educational institution most commented by media, while work of our students and graduates dominates among the publications on young designers. The number of candidates is increasing every year.

MSKPU teaching staff is the best portfolio of lecturers among art institutions.

Recognizable team only at MSKPU:

Mariusz Przybylski, Andrzej Foder, Zuzanna Żubka Chmielewska,
Weronika Pietras, Zofia De Ines, Claudia Simao, Ricardo Preto, Donna Ives.

No other school boasts such a large number of famous and recognizable designers among the teaching staff.
Due to its perfect team of lecturers, MSKPU is unrivalled in its educational offer.

is an official representative
of foreign institutions

Under international agreements,
MSKPU as the only one in Poland boasts representation
of foreign fashion schools:



MSKPU provides many opportunities

Can I continue higher education after graduating from MSKPU?

Yes. Under the partnership agreement, studies at MSKPU are equal to higher studies at the IADE Creative University in Lisbon.

When was the school established?

Due to the agreements, graduates may continue education within higher studies abroad, where MSKPU studies are equal to studies at these institutions.

Prestigious awards at fashion contests

MSKPU students have reached the finals of all contests in Poland. The team of best young designers include names of our graduates:
Kamil Owczarek (BOHOBOCO), Margaret, PAJONK, Maciej Sieradzki, Kamila Gawrońska Kasperska, NENUKO, Katarzyna Konieczko,Róża Puzynowska,KAS KRYST,Ola Kawałko, Ola Bajer (BOLA), Magdalena Floryszczyk, Maciej Trzmiel, Piotr Górski (PJOTR), Monika Kubatek, Sylwia Rochala, Bartosz Malewicz.

Learn principles of responsible design

Building on the practices of PARSONS in New York, MSKPU (as the first school in Poland) provides classes on Corporate Social Responsibility. To continue the strategy of teaching ethics, MSKPU has published a book titled “Ethics in fashion, CSR in the clothing industry”, which became the first book on CSR in fashion published in Poland, and was recommended by the most important press media in Poland. Regarding this issue MSKPU lecturers represent our school at international conferences and symposia.


The high rank of our school is confirmed by the co-operation with prestigious brands and media

MSKPU and our students participate in numerous industry events and special projects: Valencia Fashion Week, Gremio Haute Couture, Fashion Designer Awards, Global Fashion, LEVI’s, PUMA Sopot Fashion Days, Move Up Fashion Show, Fashion Week Poland, Fashion Week Portugal, Arts of Fashion Competition New York, Pret-a Porter in Paris, KOEFIA in Rome, shows by BOHOBOCO, Joanna Klimas, Maciej Zień, internships at Paprocki & Brzozowski atelier, Michał Szulc, and also foreign ateliers of Ricardo Preto and Alexandra Moura.
Each year our school renews partnerships with the main media on the Polish market: ELLE, VIVA Moda, KMAG, Fashion Magazine, which are also part of the MSKPU Exam Committee.

MSKPU Prestigious Diploma Fashion Show

The MSKPU Diploma Fashion Show is the most exclusive diploma fashion show in Poland for young designers. Each year it is organized in trendy places in Warsaw, gathering a large number of media, celebrities and specialists from show business who grant distinctions to the best collections. Gaining the prestigious MSKPU diploma is a unique opportunity in Poland to receive at the same time distinctions from ELLE, Viva Moda, KMAG, Maciej Zień, Joanna Klimas, Michał Zaczyński, Mariusz Przybylski, IADE Creative University, University for the Creative Arts, Levi’s and many more.






A unique opportunity to study in Warsaw – the centre of Polish fashion.

Perfect teaching staff of recognizable professionals.

Exclusive Diploma Fashion Show in Warsaw

Partnership with prestigious foreign institutions