Zuzanna Żubka-Chmielewska

Zuzanna Żubka-Chmielewska

Name and surname: Zuzanna Żubka-Chmielewska
Title/Academic titles: MA, PhD candidate at the Institute of History at the Polish Academy of Sciences
Graduated from: the University of Warsaw (The  History of Art Institute and The Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology)
Current position: MSKPU

Achievements: Due to her education and passion mostly she is a costume designer, as well as an art historian and cultural anthropologist with diplomas from the University of Warsaw. She carries out her research, travels through museum magazines and library archives with children on her back and in a stroller. Every year she takes part in scientific sessions discovering the secrets of fashion history, and is currently preparing a doctorate at the Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences – also devoted to clothing.

Teaching is her passion. For over ten years she was associated with the educational department of the Royal Castle. She was also involved in popularizing art as part of several years of cooperation with TVP. She was also involved in popularizing art as part of several years of cooperation with Polish Television. She co-created programs for TVP Kultura and the cult magazine “Pegaz”.

Although she is overworked but she always finds time for our students. She looks after the participants of historical competitions. This year, she led more works as part of the “Wilanów for young talents” event. She provides all costume advice – she consults diplomas historically and helps costume students to take their first professional steps in “productions from the era”.

She does not only lecture about clothes – she has her own collection of historical attire, which she presents at exhibitions, as well as in our classes.

Outside the school, she can be found in the prestigious Costume and Textile Club and in popularizing the past fashion of the Academy of Old Clothing. Often you can also hear her statements on the radio, sometimes she can be seen on TV and her comments may be read on the internet.

Although she likes to bury herself in books and scientific texts, her first and foremost values are ​​contact with people. She enjoys it the most when she can pass on her knowledge to others, inspire them with her passion. In one word she is lucky – she loves what she does and does what she loves.

Previous professional experience: Endemol Neovision (assistant director), TVP Kultura (editorial secretary, publisher), TVP 1 (magazine “Pegaz” – editorial secretary), Royal Castle in Warsaw (education department)

Lecturer of the History of Art and Clothing Design