Clothing Design

A popular and most frequently chosen direction at MSKPU. The teaching of this artistic profession is conducted by specialists from Poland and abroad: Mariusz Przybylski, Weronika Pietras, Bryan Colò, Magdalena Floryszczyk, or Katarzyna Szymańska. See: LECTURERS.

The MSKPU curriculum and portfolio of lecturers is the most effective of all fashion design schools in Poland, as evidenced by the decisive advantage of MSKPU in won fashion competitions and the number of graduates who have achieved artistic and work in the most famous brands in Poland. #DESIGNYOURDREAMS

Studying Fashion Design ends with the Diploma Exam and Diploma Show.


Design is comprehensive,
that’s why we teach so many useful skills.

Clothing Design

Learn how to design your own collection under the guidance of lecturers working in the fashion industry.


Learn tailoring techniques that will allow you to design better and more creatively. Sew the entire diploma collection yourself.

Pattern Making

Under the guidance of lecturer with over thirty years of experience as a constructor, learn to create even the strangest and most creative projects. Create clothes for your own dimensions.

Fashion Drawing

Every designer must have drawing skills. Thanks to them, presenting the project to the client or dressmaker will be much simpler.

Graphic Design

Designer work is also graphic work. Learn to design your own fabrics, create promotional materials, and create your first portfolio at MSKPU.

Ethics in Fashion

Designers have the greatest impact on changing the clothing industry and we understand that. That is why we teach how to design in a way that does not harm people, animals or the environment.

Additional Workshops

MSKPU organizes additional workshops for its students every year. Only in 2018/19, MSKPU sponsored digital printing workshops, fashion lectures with the Chloé designer, as well as copyright classes.

Study at IADE

MSKPU is the only school that has signed a partnership agreement with IADE Creative University in Lisbon. Under the agreement, our graduates are exempt from passing exams and all fees from the first year of the program and start learning at IADE from the second year! See more in the “Studies in Lisbon” tab.

We teach from scratch.
You will create your first portfolio with us.

I year - I and II semester

Clothing Design – Magdalena Floryszczyk
Clothing Design – Weronika Pietras
Clothing Design – Agata Uchman
History of Art and Fashion
– Karolina Krzywicka
Pattern Making – Helena Wargin
Tailoring – Anna Stępień – Fazlejew
Fashion Drawing – Sylwia Lewandowska
Materials Science and Clothing Technology – Anna Stępień

Optional, complementary free classes:
Classes on Fundamentals of Copyright,
Basics of Accounting and Company Opening,
Seminars with Mariusz Przybylski

And also other, unique workshops about which students are kept informed.
In 2018/19 that was: Workshops on digital printing, lecture by Giovanni Ottonello from the Italian Institute of Design, lectures on men’s fashion led by Chloe designer Bryan Colo, as well as additional lectures on Fashion Ethics with Dr. Magdalena Płonka.

II year - III and IV semester

Clothing Design – Katarzyna Szymańska
Clothing Design – Bryan Colò
Clothing Design – Magdalena Floryszczyk
Ethics in Fashion – dr Magdalena Płonka
History of Art and Fashion – Zuzanna Żubka – Chmielewska
Pattern Making – Helena Wargin
Tailoring – Anna Stępień – Fazlejew
Graphic Design – Joanna Porayska
Film post-production – Mateusz Pietryka
Clothing Design – diploma consultations with the chosen Promoter
English Language – diploma consultations – Ewa Rydel

The above curriculum applies to both full-time and part-time modes. Full-time education usually lasts from Monday to Friday, while extramural group meetings take place approximately every two weeks. Students receive congress plans and classes before the start of the school year.

The school year starts in September and lasts until the end of June.

See what your DIPLOMA SHOW will look like.

No entrance exams and no files.

Admission to the MSKPU is determined by the order of applications.

Everything you can see on our social media was created at MSKPU.  We teach from scratch. At MSKPU, we focus on the comprehensive development of our students. That is why in just two years we teach such a variety of skills – tailoring, construction, design, drawing, graphics and film making. You will submit your first portfolio with us. #DESIGNYOURDREAMS

In 2018, MSKPU purchased modern equipment for students. Our students work on modern tailoring machines (including one of the most expensive on the market), and also have at their disposal an industrial iron, nonwoven welding machine, overlocks and dummies. There is also a projector in the room on which multimedia presentations are shown. Classes take place in a beautiful place, 5 minutes from the Nowy Świat Uniwersytet metro station. Around the school there are numerous restaurants where students can eat a meal, as well as shops with materials and drawing supplies, if they forgot to prepare for classes 🙂

School management is constantly working on organizing projects that could be a starting point for our students’ careers. Only in 2018/19 were they: organization of the MSKPU competition & amp; Mercure Hotels, Participation in the Mercure Fashion Night project, Co-organization of the INEXTENSO by Auchan competition, organization of an eco-friendly competition Responsible Fashion Awards with LPP, as well as cooperation with Vogue Italia. We invite you to bookmark NEWS, which currently includes ongoing competitions, projects, as well as interviews with our students and graduates.

Simple recruitment

We do not require folders or special achievements. We will make you get them.

Various Classes

Clothing Design itself teaches as many as 4 different lecturers. All so that you develop comprehensively.

We focus on a career

We send job offers in known brands and interesting internships to students via e-mail.

CSR in Fashion

As the only school in Poland, we teach how to design responsibly and in an ecological spirit.

We will prepare you for work in two years.

The world is accelerating and we understand that. That is why in just two years we will teach you what you will need to find yourself in the fashion industry. Assistance in entering the labor market is an important element in the MSKPU program.

That is why, only in the 2018/19 academic year, MSKPU sent a total of about 30 job and internship offers. Our students are also kept informed about competitions they can take part in and about developing artistic events and exhibitions. Almost every year, foreign trips to prestigious fairs are organized, where the first cooperation and business contacts can be established.

During the diploma show, the partners reward our students. Thanks to this, just after graduating from school, our newly graduates can start working in well-known fashion brands. In 2019, these were brands and institutions such as:

4F, 5.10.15, BIZUU, burda style, KOCHAM SZYCIE, ELLEMAN, ELLE, Fashion Biznes, Fashion Magazine, FASHIONPOST, IADE, IED, Jaga Hupało, KMAG, Levi’s, LPP, Maciej Zień, Międzynarodowe Studium Dziewulskich, Mariusz Przybylski, Mercure Fashion, Mercure Hotels, MMC, mokosh cosmetics, SHOWROOM, NOIZZ, Teatr 6 piętro, Państwowe Muzeum Etnograficzne, Weareso, MAD white, Martoczki, Sustainable Fashion Awards, Auchan, Fashion Revolution 2019

Candidates for the school are required to know English at least at Upper Intermediate level.