Within 10 years MSKPU managed
to gain a leading position among
fashion schools in Poland.

What type of school is MSKPU?

The International School of Costume and Clothing Design is a two-year post-secondary, non-public art school with a character of a career school based in Warsaw.

When was the school founded?

MSKPU has been operating since 2004 on the basis of an entry in the register of non-public art schools on August 3, 2004 under number 377/31/2004. The minister competent for the matters of Culture and Protection of National Heritage is the body exercising pedagogical supervision over the School.

Who can study at MSKPU?

The School’s student may be a person who has a high school diploma and obtained a positive result in the recruitment process. The school accepts documents from people who graduated from high school without age restrictions.

What is the recruitment process like at MSKPU?

MSKPU does not have entrance examinations, interviews or review of files.

The school provides guidance for candidates, including in particular information about admission rules, learning conditions and the education program.

Candidates are accepted on the basis of submitting a set of required documents – see the tab Recruitment.

In which mode can you study?

The school educates in the day, extramural and evening system.
Learning at school lasts four semesters. The fourth semester is the diploma term.

MSKPU is located in Warsaw,

the center of Polish fashion and show business.

Fashion magazines, clothing designers, clothing companies and art-related centers have their headquarters here. The most prestigious industry events take place in Warsaw. The capital is vibrant with cultural and social life. Warsaw boasts influential people and financial resources to conduct activities in the fashion environment.

MSKPU is the most recognizable educational brand in the Polish industry environment. MSKPU is on everyone’s lips. It is the most-discussed educational institution in the media, and the work of its pupils and graduates dominates among publications about young designers. Every year more and more students apply to the school.

MSKPU staff is the best portfolio of lecturers
among art colleges.


Such an outstanding team teaches only at MSKPU:

Mariusz Przybylski, Zuzanna Żubka Chmielewska,
Weronika Pietras, Zofia De Ines, Alberto Campagnolo.


No other fashion school can boast of such a large number of well-known and respected designers among its teachers.
Thanks to the excellent group of teachers, MSKPU is unrivaled in its educational offer.

MSKPU is an
official representative of
foreign universities.

Under international agreements, MSKPU
as the only school in Poland boasts a representation of
foreign fashion schools:



MSKPU gives many possibilities

After completing MSKPU, you can continue your studies at a university?

Yes. The period of study at MSKPU is counted towards higher education at the IADE Creative University in Lisbon, with which the school has a signed partnership agreement.

When was the school founded?

The school was founded in 2004.

Winning the most prestigious awards in fashion contests

There is no competition in Poland, where the winners of which would not be MSKPU students. The group of the best young designers on the market are the names of our graduates:
Kamil Owczarek (BOHOBOCO), Margaret, PAJONK, Maciej Sieradzki, Kamila Gawrońska Kasperska, NENUKO, Katarzyna Konieczko, Róża Puzynowska, KAS KRYST, Ola Kawałko, Ola Bajer (BOLA), Magdalena Floryszczyk, Maciej Trzmiel, Piotr Górski (PJOTR), Monika Kubatek, Sylwia Rochala, Bartosz Malewicz.

Understanding the Principles of Responsible Designing in Fashion

Learning from PARSONS in New York, MSKPU (as the first school in Poland) introduced classes in Corporate Social Responsibility, responsible design in fashion. Continuing the ethics teaching strategy, MSKPU has published a book entitled “Ethics in fashion, or CSR in the scientific industry”, which became the first CSR textbook in fashion in the country and was recommended by the largest press titles in Poland. MSKPU’s lecturers represent the school at international conferences and symposia on the above topic.


The reputation of the school confirmed by cooperation with prestigious companies and the media

MSKPU and its students take part in numerous industry events and special projects: Valencia Fashion Week, Gremio Haute Couture, Fashion Designer Awards, Global Fashion, LEVI’s, PUMA Sopot Fashion Days, Move Up Fashion Show, Fashion Week Poland, Fashion Week Portugal, Arts of Fashion Competition New York, Pret-a Porter in Paris, KOEFIA in Rome, BOHOBOCO shows, Joanna Klimas, Maciej Zień shows, practices at the Paprocki & Brzozowski studio, Michał Szulc and also foreign : Ricardo Preto, Alexandra Moura.
The school renews its partnership with major fashion media on the Polish market every year: ELLE, VIVA Moda, KMAG, Fashion Magazine, who also make up the MSKPU Examination Commission.

Prestigious MSKPU Diploma Show

The MSKPU Diploma Show is the most exclusive graduation show in Poland for young designers. Since every year it is organized in Warsaw, in fashionable places, it attracts crowds of media, celebrities and specialists from the show business environment. They distinguish the best collections to their mind. Obtaining the prestigious MSKPU diploma is a unique opportunity at the national level to receive both distinctions from ELLE, Viva Moda, KMAG, Maciej Zień, Joanna Klimas, Michał Zaczyński, Mariusz Przybylski, IADE Creative University, University for the Creative Arts, Levi’s and many others.






A unique opportunity to learn at the Polish fashion center in Warsaw.

Excellent team of renowned professionals.

Exclusive diploma show in Warsaw.

Partnership with prestigious foreign universities.