Julia Fusiecka

Julia Fusiecka

Name and surname: Julia Fusiecka
Academic title/titles: Fashion Designer, Bachelor of Journalism
Completed institutions: International School of Fashion Design and Costume Design, Collegium Civitas
Current workplaces: MSKPU, 4F (OTCF S.A) – Sponsorship Department (Olympic and Special Collections), The Court. La Marque des Champs.

Achievements: Her diploma collection The Court, Court n.1 was recognized by Vogue Talents (Vogue Italia) as TOP20 Worldwide Graduates: A pick of careers in the making. She received a scholarship for IED Barcelona – Design School and completed internships at 4F and Bizuu brands, as well as being featured in Elle, Elle Man, WhiteMAD magazines.

Finalist of the Golden Thread competition in 2019. She presented her second collection The Court, Court n.2 during KTW Fashion Week 2019 as an Emerging Designer.

She has numerous publications in magazines such as Vogue Italia, Vogue Polska, Vogue.pl, Elle Thailand, Elle Polska, K MAG, WhiteMAD, I-D MAGAZINE.

Currently, she works in the Special Collections Department at 4F, creating collections for the Olympic Games (TOKYO 2020, BEIJING 2022, PARIS 2024) for the Polish and 7 European Olympic committees, as well as for Polish and international sports associations.

Lecturer in Fashion Design.