MSKPU 2016 – Diploma Fashion Show

Yesterday (16 March) in Loft 44, seventeen students of the International School of Costume and Costume Design, presented their diploma collections. From the first rows the show was observed by, among others: Mariusz Przybylski, Julia Pietrucha, Macademian Girl, Anita Jańcia, Monika Mrozowska, Martyna Kliszewska and Gabi Drzewiecka, and Alberto Campagnolo, former marketing manager Giorgio Armani who worked with the creator for almost 10 years.

Over half a thousand guests supported the young designers. Among them were journalists, bloggers and celebrities. Of course, each of the guests had their favorites.

Macademian Girl stated:” I am glad that we hear more and more about Polish designers. Young people are pursuing the avant-garde which is a direction that I like, without forgetting about the utility aspect. Personally, I loved Angelica Józefczyk’s ideas.

The actress, Julia Pietrucha, did not hide her surprise. “International level and interesting creations. Paulina Gawryszewska’s collection has won my heart.

Most of the distinctions went to the “Foled” by Martyna Renk and “Exposition” by Angelika Józefczyk.

In turn, Mariusz Przybylski, who is one of MSKPU’s lecturers invited Martynak Renek for an internship and Kinga Tomczak for permanent cooperation. The designer confessed that he rewarded his graduates as he does on a yearly basis.  “Traditionally, these are very good collections and I’m glad they did not disappoint me.”

Michał Szulc, admitted that during classes, he has a problem with making grades lower than five which is equivalent to the highest grade. This time he honored Martyna Renk and Dagna Krzystanek.

Angelicka Jozefczyk was awarded by the design duo Paprocki & Brzozowski.

LPP internships were awarded to: Dagna Krzystanek and Joanna Stawińska.

Internship at Wearso: Joanna Stawińska, Martyna Renk and Paulina Gawryszewska.

Paulina Gawryszewska was invited for an internship by Levi Strauss Poland.

Magdalena Plonka, the founder of MSKPU did not hide her joy when she said: “ I am happy to be graduating promising young designers from MSKPU.”

“What I saw today is inspiring, worthwhile, needed and has enormous potential. Your collections are very poetic, “summarized Alberto Campagnolo.

The show was hosted by Paulina Drażba.

The beauty partners of this event were: Mokotowska Make up Academy and Berendowicz Kublin