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Costume Design

Become a costume designer, work in the advertising industry, in movies, music videos or in theaters.

Graduating from school means obtaining a title in line with the directive of the Ministry of Culture, entitling to practice as a costume designer.


Details: Costume Design

4 semesters

mainly Polish & additional classes in English

(from Monday to Thursday after 5:00 p.m.),
in absentia (every 2 weeks – Friday after 4.30 PM, Saturday and Sunday ~ 09.00 – 18.00)

live on the MSKPU Online educational platform at scheduled times, then recorded and posted on the platform for replay; as well as three times during the school year in Warsaw (Tailor’s Blocks)

are held three times during the school year – in September, February and June in Warsaw. These are two / three-day tailor and construction meetings. Days of classes to choose from: Sat-Sun or Mon-Wed.

in September

PLN 690, the tuition fee for the entire semester is PLN 4,140

Graduation Show

obtaining a title in accordance with the directive of the Ministry of Culture, entitling to practice as a designer.


What will you learn with us?


Costume design

Learn how to design costumes for movies, clips and theaters. Design costumes under the supervision of the award-winning Zofia de Ines. Learn the tricks and ways of making things, and learn a little bit of history behind it.

The course is conducted by: Zofia de Ines

History of Film and Theater

A costume designer without any knowledge of the history of film and theater? Find out what trends and costumes have been in the past and how you can recreate them. Be inspired by culture.

The course is conducted by: Ewa Hevelke


Tailoring Techniques

Learn about tailoring techniques that will enable you to design better and more creatively. The subject is taught during stationary tailoring and construction blocks held three times a school year in Warsaw.

The course is conducted by: Hanna Zacheja, Helena Wargin, Monika Wiktorowicz, Sylwia Glinka

Pattern Design

Under the supervision of great lecturers, learn to construct and model your creative projects. Construct the clothing to your own dimensions. The subject is taught during stationary tailoring and construction blocks held three times a school year in Warsaw.

The course is conducted by: Hanna Zacheja, Helena Wargin, Monika Wiktorowicz, Sylwia Glinka


Journal Drawing

Each designer must have drawing skills. Thanks to them, presenting the project to the client or seamstress will be much easier. Learn the secrets of promarkers, pastels, crayons and learn how to combine them with each other.

The course is conducted by: Sylwia Lewandowska

Graphic Design

The work of a designer is also the work of a graphic designer. Learn to design and manufacture your own fabrics, create technical documentation for your projects, create promotional materials, and create your first portfolio with MSKPU.

The course is conducted by Joanna Porayska

Ethics in fashion

Designers have the greatest impact on changing the garment industry, and we understand that. That is why we teach how to design to help people, animals and the environment. MSKPU is a leader in teaching responsible fashion in Poland.

The course is conducted by: Magdalena Płonka

Materials Science

Recognize fabrics, weaves, find out what is seacell fiber, sorona or desserto. Gain knowledge, so important today, from innovative technologies in materials science and ecological solutions in textiles related to sustainable fashion.

The course is conducted by: Ewa Polkowska

Film postproduction

Promote yourself! Learn to create short advertising clips that will make the world familiar with your creations or your newly created brand.

The course is conducted by: Mateusz Pietryka

History of Art and Clothing

Who would a designer be without knowing the history of clothing? Find out what trends have prevailed over the centuries and how great designers use them today. Be inspired by the past.

The course is conducted by: Cathy Nhung

Artcraft Design

It’s good to know the different techniques for making clothes. In Artcraft classes under the supervision of a talented practitioner, you will learn how to create works of art from yarn from scratch. Distinguish weaves, connect, build forms and design in a completely new way.

The course is conducted by: Katarzyna Szymańska

Additional workshops

Every year MSKPU organizes additional workshops for its students. It is during these meetings that famous personalities from the world of fashion complete the program range of MSKPU. Until now, our speakers were, among others designer Chloe Paris, Business Director Carlin – Paris, Professor IED Barcelona, ​​designer of Sentiments – Budapest, lecturer at IADE – Lisbon and many others.

Some of the Costume Design diplomas

Janet Rybka (2017)

Magdalena Korpanty (2019)

Urszula Kuzdak (2019)

Julia Pyłko (2021)

Anna Chorążak (2017)

Adrianna Sobczak (2018)

Aleksandra Mazur (2021)

Weronika Kopacz (2021)

Why online?


We do not require folders or special achievements – we will make you get them and create your first portfolio with us.


The MSKPU community is a chance to meet people from the fashion and art industries – these are our lecturers, foreign guests and partners. Thanks to them, you will create your first network of professional contacts.


Thanks to the skills acquired at MSKPU in various fields, you will gain an advantage in the market and prepare a great portfolio that will help you get your first job.


Don’t waste time and money commuting to class every day.


Learn safely and comfortably in front of your home computer or from your mobile phone while on the go. How and when you want. Constant contact with MSKPU thanks to a special application designed by the school.


Join the prestigious MSKPU community. This is where you will meet people who share your interests, you will meet new friends and join the famous MSKPU graduates.


Some of the classes at MSKPU are in English as they are conducted by international lecturers. Replace expensive English language courses with practical learning at MSKPU.


Only with us special projects and tasks developing towards design in the framework of ecology and sustainable fashion.


We care about your career. We regularly send our students internship, job and competition offers.


Thanks to the combination of online classes with practical blocks, the school in these special times is a guarantee of continuing education at the highest level, regardless of developments in the world.


Thanks to the hybrid combination of practical and online classes, you can work and earn, and at the same time increase your qualifications with MSKPU.

The candidates to the school are required to know English at least at the Upper Intermediate level.