Magdalena Płonka

Name and surname: Magdalena Płonka
Title/Academic titles: Master of Arts, doctoral student IADE Creative University
Graduated from: Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz on Strzemińskiego Street
Current position: MSKPU

Two-time scholarship holder of Lion’s Club, winner of many significant prizes and awards: Golden Thread, Silver Loop, Gala Amberiff, Gala Martini, Fashion Debuts, and Beauty Magazine.

In 1999, journalists included Magdalena Płonka as one of the most influential women in Poland in the PANI magazine ranking.
Her collections have been published and widely commented on in the media, including ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Uroda, PANI, Przyjaciółka, Wprost, Super Express, Gazeta Wyborcza, TVN, Polsat, TVP.

Since 2010, Magdalena Płonka has been an expert in the field of clothing and costume design.

In 2013, she published her first book: “Ethics in fashion – CSR in the clothing industry”. Earlier, she collaborated on the creation of publications of a similar nature for the Polish Humanitarian Organization and the Polish Green Network.

Currently, she teaches Corporate Social Responsibility in fashion at MSKPU – the International School of Costume and Clothing Design and at the same time continues her doctoral studies on CSR at the IADE Creative University in Lisbon.

Lecturer of CSR / Clothing Design / Production