MSKPU 2019 – Diploma Fashion Show

The MSKPU Annual Diploma Show is an event that guarantees a breath of freshness in Polish fashion. Yesterday’s catwalk was mastered by a new generation of designers who were not afraid to express full artistic expression and provide viewers with great emotions. Each diploma collection was a preview of the direction of designers’ creativity, which our Partners and Patrons decided to support.

During yesterday’s Gala, the stars, media and influencers watched the work of 2019 graduates. The strict Graduates included: Zofia Os, Julia Fusiecka, Katarzyna Karczmarz, Roberta Borowiec, Izabela Łaban, Agata Rogala, Patrycja Kwaśniak, Agnieszka Dratwa, Wiktoria Szperkowska, Kamila Skowrońska, Dawid Duma, Magdalena Hołowińska, Anna Kopowicz, Sandra Kuźniak, Soldaeva Khava, Patrycja Wojciechowska, Marlena Zalewska.

The author of each collection has fought for dedicated prizes, funded by Partners and Patrons of the MSKPU Diploma Show. One of the award categories was internships in prestigious fashion brands such as Maciej Zień, Mariusz Przybylski, MMC, Bizuu, 5.10.15, Weareso., 4F or LPP. The opportunity to work in these Polish brands was given to: Izabela Łaban, Patrycja Kwaśniak, Soldaeva Khava, Wiktoria Szperkowska, Julia Fusiecka, Zofia Os.

The Showroom platform provided Zofia Os with a chance to develop skills in fashion e-commerce. The timeless Levi’s will engage Agnieszka Dratwa in her Levi’s Tailor Shop project, giving her the opportunity to design personalized clothes for customers and brand stars. The next diploma collection show can be counted on: Sandra Kuźniak, Wiktoria Szperkowska, Kamila Skowrońska, Dawid Duma, Roberta Borowiec, Magdalena Hołowińska, who were awarded by the organizer of Mercure Fashion Night. The title of the best costume designer was decided by representatives of the 6th Floor Theater, awarding it to Magdalena Korpanty. The makeup partner of the MSKPU Diploma Show was the Międzynarodowe Studium Dziewulskich, while the hair styling team was taken care of by Jaga Hupało. Known for her unusual style, the hair creator awarded the Zofia Os.

The jury evaluating this year’s student projects was international. In addition to MSKPU lecturers, representatives of partner universities also sat in it: Giovanni Ottonello from IED Milano and Theresa Lobo from Chicago Art Institute and IADE Creative University. The distinguished collection of Giovanni Ottonello belonged to Julia Fusiecka, while Theresa Lobo handed the diploma to Zofia Os and Soldaeva Khava.

Diplomats could count on the support of media patrons – ELLE, ELLE Man, WhiteMAD, Fashion Post, Fashion Magazine, NOIZZ, Burda, Kocham Szycie, Fashion Business and K MAG. Each of them distinguished the collection of the most promising designer, to whom he will help to make the first steps in the world of media.

The MSKPU Diploma Show also took place courtesy of the State Ethnographic Museum, which once again made its space available. Gifts for guests were given by MOKOSH cosmetics brand.

Thank you to all Partners and Patrons of the MSKPU Diploma Show for supporting students at the beginning of their careers. Thanks to you this evening will remain in their memory for a long time, giving you a solid dose of motivation when entering the Polish fashion market.

Awards granted by partners:

4F – Zofia Os, Julia Fusiecka

5.10.15 – Izabela Łaban

Accor / Mercure Fashion – Sandra Kuźniak, Wiktoria Szperkowska, Kamila Skowrońska, Dawid Duma, Roberta Borowiec, Magdalena Hołowińska

Bizuu – Julia Fusiecka

IADE – Zofia Os, Soldaeva Khava

IED – Julia Fusiecka

Jaga Hupało – Zofia Os

Levi’s – Agnieszka Dratwa

LPP – Izabela Łaban

Maciej Zień – Zofia Os

Mariusz Przybylski – Soldaeva Khava, Zofia Os, Patrycja Kwaśniak

MMC – Wiktoria Szperkowska

Showroom – Zofia Os

Teatr 6. Piętro – Magdalena Korpanty

Weareso. – Zofia Os

Honorable mentions awarded by patrons:

Burda Style – Patrycja Kwaśniak

Kocham Szycie – Izabela Łaban

ELLE i ELLE MAN – Julia Fusiecka

Fashion Magazine – Agata Rogala

Fashion Post – Soldaeva Khava

K MAG – Zofia Os

NOIZZ – Dawid Duma

WhiteMAD – Julia Fusiecka