Studies in Lisbon

Study in Lisbon

MSKPU is proud to announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with IADE Creative University in Lisbon. Our school has thus become the sole educational partner of IADE and its only representative in Poland.


Only after MSKPU such exceptional benefits:

Without passing the first year

Under the contract, our graduates are exempt from passing exams and all fees from the first year of the IADE program, and automatically receive the ECTS points required to complete the first year of higher education, which are calculated for the completion of MSKPU.

Hop in for the second year

Among the most important benefits for students is the provision that guarantees our graduates to study at IADE Creative Univeristy in a selected university, automatically from the second year.

Exemption from the fee for the first year

It is also equivalent to an exemption from fees for the first year at IADE, in the amount of approx. EUR 5,000.

IADE was founded, in Lisbon, in 1969, being the higher education institution pioneer in Design teaching in Portugal. Distinguished for three consecutive years as one of the 50 best Design schools in Europe, by the renowned Italian magazine Domus (2015-2016-2017), IADE is the Portuguese school with more design students and ALUMNI, integrating institutions of international reference such as CUMULUS (International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media), EDCOM (European Institute for Commercial Communications Education), and UNIDCOM/IADE, a research unit accredited and funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology. Since November of 2016, IADE is an organic unit of Universidade Europeia.


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