Studies in Lisbon

MSKPU foreign partners


MSKPU is proud to announce that they have signed a partnership agreement with the IADE Creative University in Lisbon. Our school thus became the exclusive educational partner of IADE and its only representative in Poland.

This is already the second foreign university after UCA from Great Britain, which distinguished
our school in this way. MSKPU is the only art school in Poland that has compacting agreements with foreign schools that guarantee a number of such exceptional benefits for our students.

Among the most important is the provision that guarantees our students to study
at the IADE in a chosen field of study, automatically from the second year at the Portuguese university. Under the agreement, our graduates are exempt from passing exams and all fees from the first year of the IADE program. They also automatically receive ECTS points from the first year of studies that are required to pass.  These ECTS points are calculated due to completion of the program at  MSKPU. The students are also exempt from the fees for the first year in IADE, amounting to
about 5,000 Euro.

What’s more, IADE Creative University has funded a one-year scholarship for one
of MSKPU graduates. MSKPU graduates will receive more details via e-mail.

We invite you to look at the photos presenting the potential of IADE
and beautiful Lisbon.