MSKPU 2022 – Diploma Fashion Show

Graduation Show Partners 2021

Once again, this year’s graduates of the International School of Costume Design and Fashion Design presented their collections at the Warsaw State Ethnographic Museum. The graduation shows of one of the most prestigious schools in the world in this industry have been delighting fashion enthusiasts, aficionados of extravagance, and art design lovers for years. The event’s status remains consistently high, and the skills of the graduates never fail to pleasantly surprise the attendees and industry experts.

In this year’s edition, over 50 debut designers and costume designers showcased their original collections. The incredible shows, meticulously crafted projects, and expressions of admiration from the attendees undoubtedly describe this year’s event. It is particularly significant for the students who, under the watchful eye of specialists, honed their design skills for two years and now honored their hard work with a show of original collections.

The work of the graduates was evaluated by a highly qualified jury, which included:

  1. Bifano Christina (special guest from Barcelona)
  2. Cantu William (special guest from Lisbon, IADE Creative University)
  3. De Ines Zofia (MSKPU)
  4. Floryszczyk Magdalena (MSKPU)
  5. Lobo Theresa- Lisbon (special guest from Lisbon, IADE Creative University)
  6. Nhung Catherine (MSKPU)
  7. Płonka Magdalena (MSKPU)
  8. Szymańska Katarzyna (MSKPU)
  9. Zaczyński Michał (journalist)
  10. Paprocki Marcin (designer)
  11. Brzozowski Mariusz (designer)
  12. Łubko Barbara (head of fashion department Viva!)
  13. Tomaszewicz Karolina (fashion editor Twój Styl)
  14. Marta Tomasik (Ethnographic Museum)
  15. Szol Aleksandra (director of e-commerce and marketing at Modivo)
  16. Polkowska Ewa (CEO & CO-Founder Sustainable Fashion Institute)

Awarded students:

4F/OTCF – Marta Sołoducha

5.10.15 – Aleksandra Dzwonkowska and Dominika Rozkrut

Anka Krystyniak – Martyna Pietura

Burda Style – Marta Sołoducha

Bizuu – Kurgan Daniel, Kurgan Damian

Deni Cler – Magdalena Buczek

Fashion Biznes – Martyna Pietura

Fashion Magazine – Arkadiusz Tabaka – Magdalena Buczek

Glamour – Katarzyna Thomas

Jaga Hupało – Ewelina Złotowicz

KMag – Jakub Iwan

LPP – Aleksandra Dzwonkowska, Daniel Kurgan, and Wiktoria Krupińska

Modivo – Joanna Jachoł

Państwowe Muzeum Etnograficzne – Katarzyna Dydo-Rosłoń

Paprocki&Brzozowski – Marta Sołoducha

Realme – Jakub Iwan and Joanna Jahoł

Risk made in Warsaw – Katarzyna Dydo-Rosłoń

Roger Publishing – Marta Sołoducha

Sustainable Fashion Institute – Marta Kukulska

Teatr 6 Piętro – Katarzyna Dydo-Rosłoń

Teatr Capitol – Marta Smolak

White Mad – Martyna Pietura

William Cantu and Theresa Lobo chose: costume designers Dominika Rodziewicz, Martyna Andrzejuk, and designers Thomas Katarzyna, Złotowicz Ewelina.

Christina Bifano chose: Marta Smolak, Dominika Rodziewicz, Martyna Andrzejuk

At the event, which has become a permanent fixture in the calendar of the most important fashion events in Poland, many fashion experts, designers, MSKPU lecturers, and graduates of this prestigious school appeared. “Five years ago, I was on stage with my collection. It was a great stress because it was the first time I presented my collection. The skills of this year’s graduates are really at a high level. I envy them a little. Graduating from school is the moment when you prepare the most crazy and creative collection in your life. When you start working, creativity becomes a bit more commercial” – said Jagoda Bartczak. “The International School of Costume Design and Fashion Design opens the door to a career. I am an example of that. I started working at LPP while still in school. I started as a designer’s assistant, and now I am the head designer.” – she added.

The level of this year’s edition was surprisingly high. The vast majority of graduates completed school with the highest grade, and 13 graduates can boast of a distinction on their diploma.

Among the distinguished were:
Martyna Andrzejuk,
Katarzyna Dydo-Rosłoń,
Aleksandra Dzwonkowska,
Martyna Malajka,
Martyna Pietura,
Dominika Rozkrut,
Marta Smolak,
Marta Sołoducha,
Arkadiusz Tabaka,
Kamila Wachta,
Julia Wilkowicz,
Patrycja Żyża,
Katarzyna Olesiuk.

A shower of special awards and distinctions also came down on students from the members of the jury, as well as sponsors and partners of the show. Valuable distinctions primarily offer opportunities for prestigious internships and the possibility of collaboration with the most important clothing brands and designers in the global fashion market. One of the special awards came from the hands of one of the most popular Polish designers – the duo Paprocki & Brzozowski. The opportunity for an internship at the prestigious atelier went to Marta Sołoducha.

“We wanted to congratulate all the designers. Each successive collection surprised us more and more with creativity, concept, and execution,” said Mariusz Brzozowski. “From year to year, the level of collections is rising. Young designers pay more and more attention to exceptionally precise tailoring. In the time of our diploma shows, form and impression were important. Few paid attention to fabrics and execution,” added Marcin Paprocki. “We distinguished what we believe to be the best collection, which caught our eye from the beginning. We were not disappointed. This collection also received other awards; we were not the only ones who appreciated this work,” summarized Mariusz Brzozowski.

The collection by Marta Sołoducha undoubtedly made the biggest impression on most of the attendees. The graduate was also awarded by the 4F brand, Roger Publishing company, and Burda Style brand. “I am very surprised; this is a dream come true for every aspiring designer. The main inspiration for creating my collection was the butterfly effect. There were also mathematical inspirations. There was a lot of symmetry in my designs. Working on the collection took several months, cost me a lot of patience and nerves, but it was worth it,” commented Marta Sołoducha.

The event’s finale was undoubtedly also fortunate for Joanna Jachoł.The choice was not easy. When awarding the prize from Modivo, I was guided primarily by how we look at fashion. The collection I want to highlight is strongly rooted in the spirit of power dressing. It is a collection that features geometric patterns and military references. (&) The power of clothing and a woman on a mission determined the choice of distinction,” said Aleksandra Szol, Modivo’s creative director, during her speech. Joanna Jachoł’s collection also received special recognition from the realme magazine’s board.

Judges, partners, and designers also appreciated the coherence and originality that played a major role in Martyna Pietura’s projects. The graduate received a special award from the Anka Krystyniak brand, K MAG magazine, and Fashion Biznes. “I am in shock, but very happy. Practically everything I presented was made by me. I sewed on a domestic machine. I drew prints by hand, printed them at the print shop. I put 100 percent of myself into these diploma projects. It was four months of hard work, but at the same time, great pleasure. I love designing,” said Martyna Pietura.

The State Ethnographic Museum honored Katarzyna Dydo-Rosłoń with a special award, as she maintained Polish textile traditions with her collection. Her collection also captivated the board of Teatr 6. Piętro.

The 5.10.15 brand offered two internships to students. Dominika Rozkrut was invited to collaborate in the design department, while challenges in the technological department will be presented to Aleksandra Dzwonkowska.

LPP recognized three individuals: Aleksandra Dzwonkowska, Daniel Kurgan, and Wiktoria Krupińska.

The Bizuu brand particularly liked the projects of Daniel and Damian Kurgan, and the Glamour editorial team honored Katarzyna Thomas. Jakub Iwan was the recipient of awards from K MAG and realme.

The unconventional approach to design by Marta Kukulska was appreciated by the Sustainable Fashion Institute’s board. Marta Smolak was noticed by Christina Bifano, while William Cantu, with his experienced eye, especially spotted the projects of Dominika Rodziewicz, Martyna Andrzejuk, and Katarzyna Thomas. Teatr Capitol distinguished the works of Marta Smolak, and the Deni Cler and FASHIONPOST.PL brands recognized Magdalena Buczek. Jaga Hupało honored Ewelina Złotowicz, and FASHION MAGAZINE recognized Arkadiusz Tabaka.

Before the shows, there is an accumulation of great stress, which dissipates at the moment when all the presentations start. For me, the beginning of the shows is a great joy but also, contrary to appearances, a relaxing moment,” said Magdalena Płonka, the director of the International School of Costume Design and Fashion Design. “The collection of Katarzyna Dydo-Rosłoń is my favorite. Fantastic execution, incredible construction, original prints, and a great reference to morning trends were elements that made these projects stand out from the others,” she added.

After several hours of a true art show in costume design and fashion design, a symbolic glass of champagne and a piece of vegan cake awaited everyone.

Text: Aleksandra Szymczak/AKPA