Pokaz Dyplomowy MSKPU 2023

Sixty talented graduates, hours of captivating fashion shows, including an incredible presentation of 3D virtual fashion, unique creations, applause, and heartfelt congratulations. All of this took place on September 28th at the Warsaw Ethnographic Museum during the diploma show of this year’s graduates from the International School of Costume Design and Fashion Design.

This annual event has become a staple in the calendar of the most important fashion events in the country, attracting crowds of fashion enthusiasts, experts, critics, and designers not only from Poland but also from around the world. The success of the International School of Costume Design and Fashion Design primarily relies on a professional team of teachers who, over the course of two years of study, impart their knowledge, experience, attention, and valuable guidance to their students. As a result, budding costume designers and fashion designers, including creators of 3D virtual fashion, develop their skills and gain recognition.

This year’s evaluation of the graduates’ work was carried out by an outstanding jury, consisting of:

  • Catherine Nhung | MSKPU,
  • Christina Bifano | IED Barcelona,
  • Ilyas Darakchiev | ADIDAS Berlin,
  • William Cantu | Universidade de Leira Portugal,
  • Prof. Theresa Lobo | IADE Creative University,
  • Magdalena Floryszczyk | MSKPU,
  • Zofia Kula-Jeżowska | MSKPU,
  • Ewa Polkowska | SFI,
  • Mariusz Brzozowski,
  • Marcin Paprocki,
  • Michał Zaczyński,
  • Weronika Adamowicz | VIBEZ,
  • and Magdalena Płonka, the director and founder of MSKPU.

Undoubtedly, the International School of Costume Design and Fashion Design is gaining more prestige and attracting increasing interest year by year. This year’s diploma show featured a record number of graduates. What’s more, out of over 60 students, the majority completed their studies with excellent results, and nearly 20 of them received honors.

Among the outstanding graduates were individuals such as Katarzyna Duda, Matylda Siedlecka, Bartłomiej Sobolewski, Małgorzata Dzierżęga, and Nina Grajewska. Magdalena Płonka, the director and founder of the International School of Costume Design and Fashion Design, emphasized that MSKPU is continuously working on an innovative teaching program and new educational offerings, including courses in 3D technology. All of these initiatives are in line with the school’s eco-friendly policies, attracting new generations of students. The values that are important to the institution serve as a common thread that connects MSKPU with its students.

Christina Bifano expressed her immense admiration for the work of all the graduates, highlighting that the level of their projects and skills consistently improves from year to year. She sees impressive techniques, craftsmanship, and creativity in these projects. She also commended the school’s unique approach to education, which sets the International School of Costume Design and Fashion Design apart. Additionally, she emphasized the school’s commitment to sustainable textile practices.

“This year, we saw incredibly vibrant collections, and the task of the jury in selecting the best projects was a real challenge. The costume design creations this year are simply fascinating, and the way they were interpreted is amazing. I am proud of this,” Magdalena Płonka summed up with enthusiasm.

It has long been said that the International School of Costume Design and Fashion Design opens doors to the world of fashion for its graduates. These are not empty words. Graduates of this institution, such as the outstanding Magda Butrym and Katarzyna Konieczka, have gained recognition worldwide. During this year’s celebratory gala, several offers of internships, collaborations, and opportunities for further development were awarded, in cooperation with prestigious brands and designers such as Paprocki&Brzozowski, K-Mag magazine, Maciej Zien, LPP, Deni Cler Milano, Glamour, and many others.

Among the fortunate recipients were individuals like Aleksandra Dzwonkowska, Zuzanna Szczurek, and Anastazja Zduńska. However, the undeniable queen of special awards was Nina Grajewska. “I put a lot of effort and heart into this collection, and I hope someone appreciates my work, but I didn’t expect such a positive reception. This collection represents a year of intensive work. My inspiration came from hockey, which is a family passion. My dad used to play hockey, and I tried my hand at it, but it ultimately ended in losses (laughs – ed.).” Nina Grajewska confessed, still dreaming of starting her own brand. “I am thrilled with every award, and I feel extremely honored. I remember when I was a young person, I saw an advertisement for K-Mag magazine. This magazine had a huge influence on my decision to pursue the path I am on now. I am very excited about the opportunity to collaborate with this magazine,” she added.

After a captivating multi-hour display of design and costume artistry, it was time for a moment of relaxation. As tradition dictates, guests were treated to a delicious slice of vegan cake.

Speaking to the attendees, William Cantu emphasized, “When you enter the world of design, remember that you are not just students. You are artists, visionaries of style, and architects of culture. Creativity is at the heart of design. It’s what sets ordinary things apart from the extraordinary. Don’t be afraid to take risks, follow your passion, and explore the fascinating realms within the world of your interests.”

Text by Aleksandra Szymczak