MSKPU 2017 – Diploma Fashion Show

On March 14 at the National Warsaw Ethnographic Museum, the diploma show of the International School of Fashion and Costume Design took place. The most talented students from the Fashion Design Department presented their graduation collections on the catwalk. The works of graduates of  costume design could be admired at the exhibition in the next room.

Among the 13 diploma collections admitted to the show, the event partners awarded special prizes and awards in the form of internships and publications in the media. The award ceremony began with Maciej Zień, who has been associated with the school for years and says “MSKPU is one of the best fashion schools in Europe”, and Mariusz Przybylski, who teaches at MSKPU, “I think that this school educates very well.  I am a great fan of both the school and its graduates’.

Natalia Golec rocked the prizes, who received as many as 6: internships from Maciej Zień, Mariusz Przybylski, the Simple brand, the Weareso brand, the LPP brand and the award from the portal

Below is the full list of the winners:

Maciej Zień – distinctions for Jagoda Bartczak, Jan Wójtowicz

Mariusz Przybylski – an internship  for Jagoda Bartczak and an invitation to permanent cooperation for Adam Samsel and Małgorzata Mazurek.

LPP distinctions for Jagoda Bartczak and a two-week workshop in Gdańsk, in the fashion department of the Reserved brand, for Jan Wójtowicz and Tamara Miś-Szczechura.

The 5 10 15 brand awarded Adam Samsel and Tamara Miś-Szczechura with a paid internship.

The Simple brand awarded Małgorzata Iracka Czerniak.

Levi Staruss Poland awarded Jan Wójtowicz with an internship. by Anna Puślecka awarded Julia Kosek, Jagoda Bartczak and Adrian Zwierzchowski – Adam Samsel. – Paulina Kowalczyk.

Whitemad Magazine – Ewa Gołaszewska

Fashion Market – Dominika Gembiak

Hot Fashion Magazine – Małgorzata Iracka – Czerniak

La Mode Info – Elena Vlasowa, Jan Wójtowicz

The Polish Center of Stage Design, a branch of the Silesian Museum, gave awards to costume designers Julia Kosek, Żaneta Rybce and Anna Chorąży.

That evening, unique awards were also bestowed upon special guests. Alberto Campagnolo, a long time marketing manager at Georgio Armani, awarded Adam Samsel, Adrianna Sobczak and Klaudia Thoonen. Tomasz Kania rewarded Arkadiusz Podgorzak, Klaudia Thoonen and Anna GorkaTamara Miś-Szczechura was handed an internship in London by Monika Ciesiołkiewicz, who represents the hipster studio of Philip Treacy.

Young designers of both majors (costume and clothing design)  were supported by close to 400 guests. Among them were journalists, bloggers and celebrities. In the first row, collections of young designers were met with applause by Joanna Racewicz, Anna Kalczyńska, Michał Witkowski, Candy Girl, Macademian Girl, Monika Mrozowska, Anna Dec, Gabi Drzewiecka, Alicja Napiórkowska, Anna Męczyńska, Marieta Żukowska, Karina Kunkiewicz and Anna Kalczyńska.

Mateusz Szymkowiak who is a TVP journalist hosted the show.

The beauty partners of the event were: Mokotowska Make up Academy and Berendowicz & Kublin