Katarzyna Szymańska

Katarzyna Szymańska

Name and surname: Katarzyna Szymańska
Title/Academic titles: Master of Arts
Graduated from: Academy of Fine Arts Władysław Strzemiński in Łódź – Clothing Design, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw – Interior Design
Current position: MSKPU, own brand SZYMANSKA (www.szymanskaonline.pl)

A graduate of two art faculties, the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Łódź. Over 12 years of professional experience in the clothing industry.

She gained experience working as a clothing designer, stylist, but also a collection manager or marketing specialist in brands such as La Mania, Zień, Simple or 303 Avenue. He currently creates his own collections of luxury and hand-made sweaters and accessories, and at MSKPU teaches techniques and the use of hand weaves in fashion – Artcraft Design.

The timeless character, femininity and quality are for her unchanging determinants of what is best in fashion. In contrast, passion, commitment and continuous improvement, what creates a great fashion designer.

Lecturer in Fashion Design (techniques and use of manual weaves in fashion – Artcraft Design)