JESTEM PO MSKPU, JESTEM: projektantem ubioru – Paweł Iwo Piekarski

What do MSKPU graduates do? What are the successes of MSKPU students? We are pleased to present the “I AM AFTER MSKPU” campaign, in which we proudly showcase our most talented graduates. Would you like to join them?


I AM INVOLVED IN… creating individual projects. My clients are various people from all over Poland; I sew suits, dresses, and sportswear. Now I want to delight my audience with something exceptional, something I’m doing for the first time, and I’ll show it soon.

MY GREATEST SUCCESSES INCLUDE… Fashion shows at Miss Elite Poland and Miss Ziemi Żyrardowskiej. A wonderful event was the Fashion Show at the National Stadium in Warsaw. I have plenty of shows on YouTube. I believe every project is a success, but I managed to design a coat for Krystyna Mazurówna and well-known TikTok personalities like AGBE, Bryszard, Muaboy. These were fantastic and totally different projects.

MSKPU TAUGHT ME… primarily independence in making decisions about the project, creative thinking, and stepping out of the comfort zone. To think not conventionally but fashionably. I also met wonderful people ❤️