2018 MSKPU’s Open Days

2018 MSKPU’s Open Days

We would like to invite you to MSKPU’s 2018 Open Days.  During this event you will be able to take part in free workshops for future fashion and costume designers , facilitated by our lecturers.

The Open Days this year have been exceptionally combined with Levi’s 501 DAY Lab, which will also be led by our lecturers. In addition, the day before Levi’s 501 DAY Lab there will be special dedicated presentations at our school, which will help you in preparing for the customization of jeans during Levi’s 501 DAY Lab.

We recommend tracking posts in the Facebook event, where we will announce awards and additional attractions. You can receive:
– a new sewing machine
– vouchers for the purchase of fabrics
– vouchers for the purchase of art materials
– a scholarship at MSKPU


OPEN Days Programme

We invite candidates to the school for blocks of free workshops and lectures on denim techniques and customization.

13.00-16.00. Workshops with quick, manual overprint (group of 20 people)
Leader: costume designer Marta Dąbrowska-Okrasko
What’s going to happen?
We will learn to make prints on the fabric in the form of a convex print, which you can successfully do at home by yourself.
What should you bring?
Your clothing or fabric for printing, a linoleum plate (purchased at an art store) and a chisel of varying thickness. MSKPU provides ink for printing.

16.00-18.00 Workshop on drawing denim fabrics (group of 30 people)
Lecturer: designer / illustrator Sylwia Lewandowska
What will happen?
We will learn how to create different jeans textures using several tools and techniques. MSKPU will provide special paper for water techniques with ready-made figure templates.
What should you bring?
Markers, fineliners, pencils, white gel pen, crayons or watercolor pencils, blue ink, watercolor markers, brushes and a marker blender. Color recommendation – various shades of blue.

18-18.45 Jeans History (group of 50 people)
Lecturer: designer Weronika Pietras

18.45- 19.30 Presentation on Customization (group of 50 people)
Lecturer: designer Magdalena Floryszczyk
The aim of the presentation will be to present the techniques of customizing jeans and the most interesting inspirations taken from both the street and the world catwalks. Participation in the presentation will prepare listeners exceptionally well for the Levi’s 501 DAY Lab workshops, during which everyone will be able to personalize their jeans.

Registration: E-mail registration is at info@mskpu.com.pl
Place: MSKPU, ul. Kasprzaka 2/8 (entrance from Karolkowa)

17 MAY 2018 (THURSDAY)
Levi’s 501 DAY Lab

Lecturers: designer Magdalena Floryszczyk and technologist Helena Wargin
What will happen in 501 DAY Lab?

✂ learn how to age the material, make holes and rubs
✂ you will make decorative motifs using all kinds of studs, rhinestones, beads or sequins.
✂ you will create an original print, the pattern that you will have designed will be transferred onto the garment by using paint and special tools
✂ you will sew on fringes, tassels, stripes, strings, badges and patches
✂ you will learn the basics of deconstruction
✂ make your own, unique embroidery
Welcome to the three blocks of workshops, for which registration is required:
I group at 15.00: 16: 30
II group: at 17.00-18.30
Group III: at 19.00 – 20.30
Registration: e-mail registration is at info@mskpu.com.pl. In the title of the e-mail, please provide your first and last name as well as the start time of the workshops you selected.
The number of places for workshops is limited!

Location: Pieklo nad Niebem, ul. Nowy Świat 21