I HAVE GRADUATED FROM MSKPU, I AM: 3D fashion designer – Alexa Rudol

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I WORK IN… digital fashion design and AR effects. In this occupation, I love that virtual fashion allows us to create clothes and accessories that would not be possible in real life. It limits us only by our imagination. “Wearing” virtual clothes or accessories enables us to express ourselves even more creatively. This work also provides me with the opportunity to collaborate with people from the NFT & Web3.0 industry and artists.

MY BIGGEST SUCCESSES INCLUDE… creating an NFT collection and AR effects for the artist @swiernalis. The premiere of this collection took place during the “Release Party” for his new album at Progresja. Since then, I have gained more recognition as a 3D fashion designer and am already working on new projects. Additionally, virtual fashion allowed me to change my career path and greatly enhanced my artistic and creative development (previously, I was in marketing, and I started fashion design in the digital realm). It is my great passion, and I am constantly learning new things with enthusiasm.

MSKPU TAUGHT ME… solid foundations in 3D design, such as modeling, texturing, animation, and rendering. We received a wealth of useful knowledge that allowed me to learn the workflow of a 3D designer and delve into various techniques to improve our work and presentation. It was truly intensive but highly developmental 10 months.