I HAVE GRADUATED FROM MSKPU, I AM: a clothing designer, and I run my own brand – Ewelina Złotowicz.

I HAVE GRADUATED FROM MSKPU, I AM: a clothing designer, and I run my own brand – Ewelina Złotowicz.

What do MSKPU graduates do? What are the successes of MSKPU students? With pleasure, we present the action I AM AFTER MSKPU, in which we proudly introduce our most talented graduates. Do you want to join them?


I’M ENGAGED IN… running my own clothing brand, Affiche Ewelina Złotowicz. Affiche is a huge fulfillment and happiness for me. I love creating projects that emphasize femininity and self-confidence. I believe it’s my inner language and, at the same time, a manifesto that I want to convey through the story of each subsequent collection. As part of Affiche, I collaborate especially with actors who willingly wear and rent my creations, as well as stylists who rent my designs for photo sessions. Additionally, my projects can be seen seasonally in-store and purchased at the Jaga Hupało workshop.

MY BIGGEST SUCCESSES ARE… the distinction of my diploma collection by Jaga Hupało and the IADE University in Lisbon. Above all, the recognition from Jaga Hupało gave me a pass to the wider world of fashion and opportunities to present and sell projects in-store at the workshop. Additionally, in April 2023, my diploma projects were published in the Greek fashion magazine Untold, both in print and online versions.

MSKPU TAUGHT ME… versatility. Thanks to classes not only in design but also in graphics and post-production, I could create my brand 100% independently, starting from designing the logo and online store to organizing a photo session and preparing the entire delivery process. I independently prepared and developed every stage of creating the brand, which makes me extremely proud of the hard work I put into the creation of Affiche over the past year. You can see the entirety of my work on the website affiche.pl and on my Instagram @affiche_brand. Everything you see is a showcase of my work.