I HAVE GRADUATED FROM MSKPU, I AM: a clothing designer – Marta Sołoducha

What do MSKPU graduates specialize in? What are the successes of MSKPU students? We are pleased to present the “I AM AFTER MSKPU” campaign, in which we proudly showcase our most talented alumni. Do you want to join them?


I WORK IN… designing evening gowns. I recently started working for a haute couture dress designer, where I design elaborately embellished gowns and oversee their hand embroidery.

MY BIGGEST SUCCESSES INCLUDE… winning the international Forever Pieces competition, inclusion of my project in the Mykke Hofmann brand collection, reaching the finals of the Off Fashion competition, and publications in magazines such as Burda Style. I am most pleased that I managed to combine work with passion and fulfill my dream of designing clothing.

MSKPU TAUGHT ME… MSKPU taught me daring design and experimenting with fashion. The classes helped me step out of my comfort zone, allowing me to develop and establish my style. They also sparked my creativity and motivated me to take action. I fondly remember my education and am glad I chose these studies. Since completing MSKPU, I have been working in the profession and continually evolving.