Responsible Fashion Awards – THIRD EDITION

The first pro ethical and pro ecological Polish competition for fashion designers.

Responsible Fashion Awards – competition for clothes designers dedicated to all fashion enthusiasts, but mainly to designers interested in responsible clothes design with ethical and ecological principles.

Our mission, both MSKPU’s – as an educational facility, and LPP’s – as a leader in clothes design and production in Poland and Europe, is to popularize the knowledge related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and to promote ecological and ethical solutions in the textile industry.

MSKPU is the first one and so far the only fashion school in Poland which teaches CSR, while LPP is the only Polish clothing brand with such a rich and consistent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.

We share the understanding of the importance of the subject of ethics in fashion as well as the mission of implementing responsible attitudes in the clothing industry. Hence, we named the competition Responsible Fashion Awards.

 MSKPU Management LPP Managers



February 25, 2022 – start of the competition

April 5, 2022 – the list of sending projects is closed

April 8, 2022 – announcement of the ten selected finalists

June 24, 2022 – finals in Warsaw and winner announcement

September 15, 2022 – delivery of ready, winning collection to the location of MSKPU

September / October 2022 – MSKPU Diploma Show 2022


STEP 1: Familiarize yourself with the eco fabrics’ samples (access to electronic catalogue or samples at the location of MSKPU or LPP).

MSKPU: ul. Okopowa 59, 01-043 Warsaw
LPP: ul. Łąkowa 39/44, 80-769 Gdańsk

STEP 2: Draw an eco-collection consisting of 6 silhouettes – via mail deliver the drawings, along with detailed description to MSKPU until 5th of April 2022.

STEP 3: If you progress to the final (we will inform you about it until 8th of April 2022), create one model using the fabrics from our Responsible Fashion Awards Partner – LPP.

STEP 4: 24th of June 2022 finalists will be informed about the competition’s winners. Should you be the winner : ) , you will receive further fabrics for the creation of the winning collection which will be presented at MSKPU Diploma Fashion Show 2022.


Last year's RFA Finals

Last year's Winner - MSKPU Diploma Show

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