Four publications about our alumni within a week

Four publications about our alumni within a week

We could not be more proud as in only a week appeared four publications about our students and graduates.

One of them was Pola Bogdanska, who will defend her diploma collection under the brand of FIELDS which is being created. On the pages of the magazine JOY she says: ” I completed everything by myslef, including the construction from the ground up. After many sleepless days and nights by the sewing machine the collection came to life!” Pola also gave an interview to GLAMOUR. She lets us in on a secret as she anticipates on working there after the completion of her studies and test out her strength in design along with developing her brand.

Natalia Kopiszka, who is developing her jewlery brand with the addition of KOPI  gave the interview to VOGUE. ” Fashion design was my dream and the reason for moving to Waraaw. I defended my diploma at MSKPU and I was accepted to present at the graduation show. Later on my work appeared in the Fashion Week in Lodz.” says the designer.

Jolie Su is an MSKPU graduate, who defended her diploma in 2013.  Hats which are the topic of the conversation for a moment vanished into the thin air. Now they made a comeback in great style! As a matter of fact they are not only coming back due to world renowned designers but also because of  family designers. What is the best example? The newest collection by Alexandra Sulzynska who is backed up by the Jolie Su brand.  HAPRERS BAZARR wrote about our graduate on the pages of its magazine.

We are proud!