Diploma show MSKPU 2018 – Reportage

Diploma show MSKPU 2018 – Reportage

Ufff! It’s over now! What nerves have accompanied our most talented designers! Today took place the tenth MSKPU graduation show which was quite unique. In it we could see new faces of the Polish fashion market. For the first time in the history of MSKPU, the show was divided into two parts.  One part was in the afternoon and the other in the evening due to this all of this year’s graduates could present their collections on the catwalk.

During the first part, we could see the graduation collections of all the students who received a positive grade from the diploma defense. The second part were the collections of Joanna Biedna, Pola Bogdańska, Anna Pruszanowska, Maria Klar, Agnieszka Trochimiuk, Karolina Deląg, Maciej Fronc, Monika Matysiak, Sobala Magdalena, Karolina Siarkowicz, Kinga Szarłowska, Izabela Biskupska, as well as the costumes of Anna Surowiec, Diana Ziąbek, Alicja Chmielewska and Uli Kuzdak. The whole event occurred once again at the National Ethnographic Museum.

This year, we were able to watch the exhibition of costume-makers entering the market. Alicja Chmielewska who ended her adventure with MSKPU with exceptional costumes. The fabrics for her collection were specially imported from Africa and all proceeds from the purchase were intended for the Good Factory. She also was rewarded by the Dalia Lingerie brand along with the Dean of the set design of the Academy of Fine Arts Paweł Dobrzycki who is a habilitated doctor.

MSKPU also rewarded her with a trip to the IADE partner school. The following emerging costume designer is Jędrzej Stolarczyk, who was studying at MSKPU in the full-time mode. The name of his collection is PLASTIKMISJA. He fulfilled his mission to the T as the fabrics are plastic, pink, and you can see plexiglass and unusual forms.

Ula Kuzdak’s collection surprised everyone, her costumes for the Kafka’s Process were awarded 9 times – the director Maciej Wojtyszko rewarded her by inviting her with to the Polish Theater. She also received distinctions from Alberto Campagnolo, LPP, Weareso, Woman.pl, Patrizia Aryton, White Mad, Fashion TV Magazine, and MSKPU provided Ula with a trip to the partner school IADE. Anna Surowiec’s costumes could also be seen during MSKPU’s show. She surprised the Jury on the diploma defense by inviting dancers to present her collection. They also acted as live dummies, so that everyone could see every detail of the costumes. The collection presented street dance in the future. The costumes were made of a large number of neon laces and hologram plastic. Anna received a distinction from FashionPost.pl for her costumes.


Before the show, we could listen to what the graduates had to say about MSKPU. Among them were Sophie Kula, Aleksandra Jolie Su Sulżyńska, as well as a graduate of the first diplomas in the history of MSKPU – costume designer Agata Janus – Orzepkowska. Ladies told about studying at  MSKPU, and also about how it affected their personal story. Next to the costume exhibition, there was also an exhibition of hats by Jolie Su.


Young designers of both majors, costume and clothing design were supported by nearly 400 guests. Among them were journalists, bloggers, celebrities and stars. From the first row the collections of young designers were applauded by: Anna Jurksztowicz, Kaja Śródka, Karolina Gilon, Anna Ke. On the catwalk we could see as many as 12 collections.



Joanna Biedna, whose characteristic collection with many pockets FABRICA currently is rocking Facebook, received a distinction and an invitation to an internship from Wearso.

Joanna Biedna has caught our eye due to her tasteful coloring of clothes in the collection she showed. The collection itself was inspired by workwear, protective clothing for construction workers and workers’ accessories.  Oval pockets were omnipresent in her collection. Moreover the pockets were both capacious and at the same time elegant. The resulting clothes are distinguished by functionality and convenience, and the collection is also very feminine. The show was a beautiful moment for me, it’s a great feeling to present my collection on the catwalk, this is my debut– says the designer. Joanna is currently working on her new clothing brand.

Joanna’s promoter was Magdalena Floryszczyk.


Many people awaited the collection of Pola Bogdańska, including fashion magazines. It is no wonder that Pola received an internship from 4F-OTCF and distinctions from Maciej Zień, Fashion Magazine, Fashion TV Magazine and Fashion Business, and from MSKPU she received a trip to the partner school IADE. In the project from the Poli BAD HABITS collection even Karolina Gilon appeared. The work on the collection that was created lasted really a few months. But I’ve been thinking about it since the holidays. In the meantime, a lot of projects, trials and ideas were created before I chose the best ones. I made everything by myself, including the construction from the ground up, so after many sleepless nights and days spent only at the machine, the collection was created! –said the designer in an interview on Joy.pl.

Pola’s promoter  was Mariusz Przybylski.



Fashion TV Magazine also awarded Anna Pruszanowskafor for the CLEAR SPACE collection. Her collection includes unusual forms and materials, extended sleeves and rising fabric waves. The collection is called CLEAR SPACE.  Its main inspiration  was cleanliness along with impeccable and simple industrial interiors. At the same time, the projects included in it are the clothes that give the recipient free space, both the physical freedom of movement and comfort, as well as the freedom of self-expression.

Anna’s promoter was Magdalena Floryszczyk.



A collection dedicated to breathing? Maria Klar came up with this ides by creating the INHALE collection. She was awarded by Mariusz Przybylski, DYKF, LPP and Wearso and she was given a trip to the partner IADE university from MSKPU. The collection includes many oversize, large forms, pleating and multi-layered, as well as an avant-garde moss application, which is a kind of manifest or symbol. It does not grow and does not need to be watered, but it is real and breathable. The most difficult construction element turned out to be a large down coat made of pleated ortalion, as well as an asymmetrical down jacket with pleated inserts from printed chiffon. The graduate of the collection honed in on one color of a wide spectrum of greenery.

Maria’s promoter was Andrzej Foder.



We were particularly impressed by the sporty and at the same time very feminine collection of Agnieszka Trochimiuk’s “Girlsyhood”. The colloction is in pastels which are trendy this spring.  (plus, credit is also due for the spectacular prints that appeared even on the linings of the classic coats).– wrote Harpers Bazaar Poland about Agnieszka Trochimiuk’s collection. The designer created the original print by herself manually painting the elements, and then processed them into the graphic program. She was inspired by the tracksuit subculture and by strong and beautiful girls. She received  an internships in Bizuu and 5.10.15, an award from Maciej Zień, media patronage for woman.pl and a proposal for sales cooperation with the Svoi boutique.

Agnieszka’s promoter was Magdalena Floryszczyk.



Her collection appeared on Harpers Bazaar Polska and Kobieta.pl. Karolina Deląg created unusual forms and delightful covers, inspired by the paintings of Jerzy Duda Gracz and his series of paintings depicting Chopin’s compositions. The collection is preserved in shades of brown and heather, with original watercolor prints. She intrigues us with the combination of layers of silk with wool and the inclusion of heavy, hand-woven IKEA rugs.

Karolina’s promoter was Magdalena Floryszczyk.


Maciej Fronc, is a true gem. He was selected for the  MSKPU jubilee show along with 11 women. His collection is inspired by Biedermeier art and traditional Japanese clothing with a reference to the rock style. In his collection he plays with subtle details and a form that together expose the values ​​of the shape of the figure. These activities are complemented by strong color accents in the form of embroidery. It is not strange, therefore, that Alberto Campagnolo himself and 5.10.15, who offered him an internship, were delighted with his collection. Maciek was also distinguished by MSKPU, proposing a trip to Lisbon, to the IADE partner university. The show itself was a wonderful and enriching experience for me. I derived tremendous satisfaction from being able to get involved in preparing for this event and from the benefits of the show. In my opinion, it was a success worth the effort.– the designer himself tells us.

Maciek’s promoter was Magdalena Rozenfeld


OPPOSITE there is the collection of Monika Matysiak, who studied at MSKPU on a full-time basis. Monika has been known for depicting femininity, delicacy and geometry in her style. As we recollect she already portrayed this while in her classes.

In her collection, the author raises a very important topic for her philosophy of human life.  She uses the line as a symbol of various paths our life can take. As a result of these numerous inspirations, a modularly composed collection was created.  Due to which we have the opportunity to exchange and re-compose equally interesting stylizations. Monika got thunderous applause, an internship and distinction from LPP. Her collection also made it to the Fashion Designer Awards semi-finals.

Monika’s promoter  was Magdalena Floryszczyk.


Magdalena Sobala, who studied at MSKPU on a full-time basis, received a trip to the partner IADE university for her collection. Dark colors and contrasts, oversized forms is something we associate Magdalena with and certainly something that will also be created in the future.

Magdalena’s promoter was Magdalena Foder.


Karolina Siarkowicz received distictions from Patrizia Aryton, Lamode.info and Bizuu. Showroom.pl also awarded her with exceptional workshops “Strategy, communication, the sale of your own brand”. Her collection is a summary of her career as a designer at BOHOBOCO. Work on my original collection was one of the most difficult moments in my life says the designer. Despite having a pre-planned  collection the concepts kept on changing after awakening each morning!

Karolina’s promoter was Mariusz Przybylski.


On the 5th of March Kinga Szarłowska made a great impression during the diploma defense. It was distinguished by Alberto Campagnolo himself, a longtime manager of Giorgio Armani and the Fashion Business portal. The first inspiration for the collection were insects living in caves in New Zealand that create beautiful turquoise light. The lights appearing in the darkness symbolize the birth of beauty. Hence the second inspiration – the image of Sandra Botticelli, The Birth of Venus, or Beauty. The collection includes evening dresses inspired by the darkness of the caves, emerging turquoise beads inspired by the light of insects and part of the clothes in the colors of Botticelli’s work.

Kinga’s promoter  was Andrzej Foder.




Izabela Biskupska studied at MSKPU in the extramural mode. She drew inspiration for the creation of the collection from the poem of a Polish poet. Her greatest priorities in creating the silhouettes were care and attention to detail. The designer focused on doing them personally. Her collection appeared on Harper’s Bazaar Polska, DYKF and Kobieta.pl

Izabela’s promoter was Mariusz Przybylski.


No show is complete without flowers and showing appreciation and thanking all involved. Maciej Fronc, the representative of the student group, handed flowers to Magadalena Plonka from the whole team. The founder herself also thanked Zofia de Ines, the legend of Polish costume design, for great cooperation throughout the years.



See for yourself:


Partners of the show:
Państwowe Muzeum Etnograficzne, Fashion Post, Harper’s Bazaar Polska, HOT Moda, ELLE Polska, Fashion TV Polska, LPP, Fashion Biznes, OTCF S.A., Wearso.organic, SHOWROOM, whiteMAD, Kobieta.pl, Otwarte Klatki, Mariusz Przybylski, ZIEŃ, Salon Fryzjerski Berendowicz & Kublin – Warszawa Złota, Fashion Magazine, Moda Forum, Akademia Makijażu Mokotowska, bizuu, Lamode.info, 5.10.15., Do You Know Fashion, Patrizia Aryton.