Will NFT madness take over fashion too? – Interview with Lipika Pindi Balaji, lecturer of the 3D DESIGN IN FASHION course

Will NFT madness take over fashion too? – Interview with Lipika Pindi Balaji, lecturer of the 3D DESIGN IN FASHION course

Digital design, embraced in words of 3D design, metaverse, NFT and Web3 is taking its stage. It is more and more popular everyday, thus gaining such skills are crucial for all designers thinking seriously about their career in fashion.

This is confirmed with the hunting after NFT designers in fashion industry now, where the renumeration for a 3D fashion designer is even up to 200 Euros per hour. Here we share a short interview with an eccellent 3d in fashion creator- Lipika Pindi Balaji, who will teach you at our 1 year intense course. Read it and enroll. We have only 6 free places left.

Why do you think NTF’s are taking over fashion so fast?

NFT’s and fashion industry have always gone hand in hand,  because of the gaming industry , which played like a bridge between these two. Now because of launch of the Metaverse, it’s made more easier for people to access fashion through NFT.


What are the characteristics of 3D virtual design?

3D virtual design, just like any design, starts with the same, with the concept, which you make it into a sketch basically like a 2D drawing. And then it goes from there to modelling into a 3D design and after that it is coded into the Metaverse.

You think this ARD part of clothing industry will be permanently profitable zone?

Definitely. NFT’s and other things about digital fashion have opened the eyes for a lot of companies and design firms for the creativity and activity to earn a lot of moeny. They’ve turned into digital fashion as a new idea, new business concept to look forward to, so I’m sure it will stay in.

Can MSKPU course equip the designers with required skills? Which ones?

Absolutely. We will give you the most wanted designer skills that you’re required to be in the industry now- the technical knowledge that you need to have and the industry knowledge. Moreover, the software knowledge that you need to know like: Blender, Clo 3D, Substance, Illustrator, Photoshop. We are going to have so many classes, so many different courses that we will teach you how to join successfully fashion industry. If you study hard, of course.

Do you think that finishing our curse will guarantee job in the industry?

Digital fashion is one of the most thriving jobs right now and finishing this course will help you go really far in the business.



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